Peer Mentors & Volunteers

 hand-holding-63743_1280Volunteers and Peer Mentors

There are many opportunities in drug and alcohol recovery services to offer your time and expertise, whilst also learning a great deal through the training and experience we can offer you on placement.

Volunteers support our work in a wide range of roles, e.g. admin assistants, group workers, criminal justice workers, social work/nursing students, and peer mentors.

In return we offer a great chance to gain experience of working in the field of addiction, to obtain references, and to build a CV. Training, supervision and expenses are provided by CGL.

Peer Mentors are volunteers who have had substance use problems in the past, and are willing to share their experiences with those who are aiming to leave addiction behind. The programme is open to former service users who have been drug-free for a minimum of three months, or who are stable and on prescribed medication.

Mentors are visible ‘proof’ that treatment works, which gives invaluable hope and optimism to those starting to build their own recovery. Peer Mentors help service users consider their options and decision-making.

Peer Mentors cover a wide range of day-to-day duties, and we aim to match your work tasks to your strengths.

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If you are interested in becoming a Peer Mentor or volunteer of any type, please contact us on 01622 690864 for more information.

We will send you an application pack, and when this is completed and returned we will arrange to meet you.

All roles are subject to a police check which we will pay for; these checks take between 2 weeks and 2 months. Having a criminal history does not mean you cannot work with us; if you have one we will design a risk assessment for you. Once you have received clearance we will arrange a start date for you. You will be allocated a supervisor who will arrange email and intranet access.

The induction period lasts 4 weeks, and there is a compulsory basic 1 day training course which will cover child protection, professional boundaries, confidentiality and data protection, plus many more, some of which are accredited.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Please check out our Recovery Stories page which gives you an insight into the journey of some of our Peer Mentors and Volunteers!