Home visits


Understanding home visits

  • A home visit is an opportunity for us to meet you and your family in your home environment to see if there is any support we can provide to your family as a whole.
  • It is standard procedure and the main reason is to check how the storage of drugs, drugs paraphernalia and medication is taking place, and to provide safe and lockable storage if required.
  • A home visit can also involve the assessment of the home environment to make sure that plumbing and electrics are in working order and that there is a comfortable living space for the family. This type of check will only happen with your consent on the visit. In general this will involve a look at some of the rooms in the house- including living room, garden, bathroom, child(ren’s) bedroom (s), kitchen and rooms where drug and medication are stored. In cases where the home environment could do with some improvement, the service can support the client to get in touch the council and other agencies and charities who might be able to contribute to providing any improvements needed.
  • We would like to visit when family and anyone else who lives there is present to see how the family is doing as a whole and what support may benefit you in addition to the treatment that is already being received.